Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshu-Kan 30th Anniversary Festival
Yokoyama Katsuya Memorial with the home town Bisei

KSK Shakuhachi Festival 2019




How to participate in the Festival

The participation fee for the festival in general and the application method are as follows. The festival participation fee includes the cost of accommodation and meals during the period, as well as participation in workshops and concerts. Music score fee will be charged separately.

  • Festival participation fee is 50,000 yen. Students are discounted to 40,000 yen.
  • If you wish to participate only for 3 days (Aug. 30 to Sep.1), the festival participation fee will be 45,000 yen. However, please note that there is no free shuttle bus service from JR Shin-Kurashiki on Aug.30.
  • Those who wish to participate should send an application form stating the following required items to the KSK Tokyo Office. A return form will be sent to you. The application is completed when the transfer is completed.
  • Items to be described in the application form
    • name
    • age
    • postal address
    • phone number (also fax number if available)
    • desired music score and the style (Kinko or Tozan)
    • whether you would like to get on the free shuttle bus
  • KSK Tokyo Office address
    • by e-mail/furuya108@yahoo.co.jp
    • by FAX/+81-3-3635-0869
    • by post card/3-25-9-304 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0026, Japan

    Ticket for main concert

    In the case of listening only "Yokoyama Katsuya Memorial Concert", tickets are available at the following locations, so please purchase them there.

    • Hoshino-Sato Tourist Information Center tel:0866-87-3349
    • Chusei Yumegahara tel:0866-87-3914