Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshu-Kan 30th Anniversary Festival
Yokoyama Katsuya Memorial with the home town Bisei

KSK Shakuhachi Festival 2019




Overview of Workshop

 In addition to the regular instructors, we offer a wide range of instructions from composers of the workshop course music tunes and performers from domestic and abroad. Course music tunes of this workshop are;
  • San-ya (Mountain Valley; Honkyoku classics, score fee/700 yen)
  • Eien-no Tabibito (The Eternal Traveler; composer/Christopher Molina, score fee/900 yen) Big ensemble that students can participate at the main concert.
  • Futatsu-no Oshushi (Two Poems for Melancholic Cherry Blossoms; composer/Doi Keisuke, score fee/not yet fixed) Big ensemble that students can participate at the main concert.

If you do not join the above two concertos, we will offer other instructions for the next two tunes,

  • Shingetsu (Honkyoku classics)
  • Sagariha (Honkyoku classics).

Timeline of Workshop

 The contents of each timeframe and the lecturer are as follows.
  • Aug. 30(Fri) am
    9:00-9:30 Polishing the sound Kakizakai Kaoru
    9:30-10:30 Elucidation of breathing and blowing methods Sugawara Kuniyoshi
    10:30-11:00 Basic practice of Honkyoku Ishikawa Toshimitsu
    11:00-12:00 Analysis and interpretation of Honkyoku classics Lindsay Dugan
  • Aug. 30(Fri) pm
    13:00-14:00 Tamuke lesson Regular Instructors
    14:00-15:00 Goru lesson Regular Instructors
    15:00-16:30 [Room 1] Eien-no Tabibito lesson Christopher Molina
    15:00-16:30 [Room 2] Shingetsu lesson Regular Instructors
    16:30-18:00 [Room 1] Futatsu-no Oshushi Doi Keisuke
    16:30-18:00 [Room 2] Sagariha lesson Regular Instructors
  • Aug. 30(Fri) evening Special seminar
    21:00-22:00 Instrument maintenance Takahashi Toyomi
  • Aug. 31(Sat) am
    9:00-10:00 [Room 1] San-ya lesson for 2-shaku 4-sun (A) Regular Instructors
    9:00-10:00 [Room 2] San-ya lesson for 1-shaku 8-sun (D) Regular Instructors
    10:00-11:00 [Room 1] Eien-no Tabibito ensemble lesson Christopher Molina
    10:00-11:00 [Room 2] Honkyoku lesson Regular Instructors
    11:00-12:00 [Room 1] Futatsu-no Oshushi ensemble lesson Doi Keisuke
    11:00-12:00 [Room 2] Honkyoku lesson Regular Instructors
  • Aug. 31(Sat) pm
    13:00-14:00 Charm of Sankyoku David Wheeler
    13:00-14:00 Jinashi and meditation Kiku Day
    14:00-15:00 Improvisation Jim Franklin
    14:00-15:00 What elements are included in oral tradition Gunnar Linder
  • Sep. 1(Sun) am
    9:00-11:00 Summary of Honkyoku and ensemble All lecturers
    11:00-12:00 Charm of historical shakuhachi/Jinashi and Jinuri Shimura Zenpo